Fuck colors

Hey folks!

Interviewer: So, I’ve seen Amos tweet about colors being hard. What is this all about?

@fasterthanlime Yeah, fuck colors.

@bigsylvain Right on!

Can you tell us more about it?

@fasterthanlime Well, the level editor is nice and all, but there was one particular pain point. So far, it allowed any colors at all for layers, and althought that allows considerable artistic freedom, it makes it kind of hard to design consistent rooms - when one room’s pretty, how do we make the next one look similar, etc.

@bigsylvain That’s why I asked @fasterthanlime to add palette functionality in the level editor!

@fasterthanlime And here it is:

@bigsylvain At first I was afraid I was going to have to enter color RGB values manually in a json file somewhere!

@fasterthanlime Yes, that was the original plan. But I changed my mind: now the colors are read from a .png file in assets/png/editor/palette.png, such as this one:

@bigsylvain Ahh that was an old palette.

@fasterthanlime Yes, I remember, you applied a shade of brown to all tints so that it would be more consistent. It was a good try, but colors are hard, and the church looked a bit funny with those colors:

@bigsylvain That almost looks like an original gameboy game!

@fasterthanlime True! But that’s not what I was after.

@bigsylvain Yes, you told me you adjusted colors using the gimp color curve feature?

@fasterthanlime Indeed! First I applied it to the church screenshot shown above, then I updated the blue row with the same filter:

@bigsylvain Can you show us a picture of the church after those adjustments?

@fasterthanlime There you go:

Ah, that’s definitely more modern. Have you tried anything else?

@fasterthanlime Yes! First off, I’ve kept messing with the palette, especially for blue, because it’s important to me.

@bigsylvain Should we tell people what the church is for and where colors come from?

@fasterthanlime Let’s not say too much, first because empty promises are bad, but also because I’d like to avoid spoilers on this blog.

@bigsylvain Can we say that they’re linked to different gameplay styles?

@fasterthanlime Definitely! Although the player UI has been a giveaway in that regard. They’re different directions the player can take, different parts of the Jaakan universe to explore.

@bigsylvain I remember begging you for parallax effects a few weeks ago, where did that go? It hasn’t really been featured on the blog yet.

@fasterthanlime Well, I’ve tried it with the church, and here’s what it does:

@bigsylvain Cool! Let’s hope we can find a way to transition between the 4 primary color schemes seamlessly.

@fasterthanlime You know it.

@bigsylvain See you next week, y’all!

@fasterthanlime Word.