The making and breaking of terrain

Welcome to our 2^3th update!

We’ve found a very special fictional interviewer this week, so let’s let him lead the charge.

Interviewer: And we’re back! My name is Perd Hapley, and what do we have this week? is the question I’m asking to you guys.

@fasterthanlime I think @bigsylvain wants to go first? There’s something he’s real proud of!

@bigsylvain Indeed! This week, I’ve had a chance to play with the level editor that @fasterthanlime has been so busy making. Turns out, it’s a smashing hit! Remember, we were using Tiled previously to make our levels, and it took a lot of time.

Now, I can simply quickly paint the structure of a room, in as many layers as I want:

@bigsylvain And then using carefully crafted image files we name ‘sprinkles’, such as this one:

@bigsylvain I can simply spray them onto the polygon shapes, and voila! Unfortunately there was a bug in the sprinkle code, the direction was slightly wrong, but it gave me a chance to make my first code contribution to this iteration of Jaakan!

@fasterthanlime Git’s hard, yo. I’m proud of you buddy.

@bigsylvain Taking some assets from the previous iteration of Jaakan, I made a scene (the one used as the cover of this blog post, in fact):

@fasterthanlime I’ll put it right there just in case people missed it:


@bigsylvain Ah nice, see that’s how it looks in the editor. As you can see it’s mostly polygon layers + a few sprinkles, and for the more funky shapes, good old tilesets.

@fasterthanlime Note that since you made it, I added a collisions layer in blue (see the brick indicators in the layer list?) so that you don’t fall off the bridge, and a few ladders to access other areas. Weeeeee!

Well folks, that certainly seems to be doing what you says it is doing. Anything else?

@fasterthanlime Yes! A consequence of our polygon layer system is that we can very easily add destructible terrain. It’s not entirely finished yet, but here’s a gif for your viewing pleasure:

@bigsylvain Nice! Could we maybe construct terrain as well?

@fasterthanlime Sure! We could have laser beams that accumulate matter to summon mounds out of nowhere, or have less explody ways of digging your way through something like a jackhammer.

@bigsylvain What about level design though? Will people just be able to destroy all of the levels and just get anywhere with wings?

@fasterthanlime That’s where sprinkles come in! But we’ll learn more about it in our next weekly update! Until then, take care!

@bigsylvain Meep meep!