The higher the climb...

@fasterthanlime Hey folks! Small update this week.

First off, I’ve integrated @bigsylvain’s custom font into the player UI, made the elements slightly smaller and with some transparence, so that it clashes a little less with the rest of the game:

@fasterthanlime Another thing that is short to say, but long to get right is doors: we’ve always wanted to make a huge universe that you could navigate seemlessly, but so far the game always loaded all the rooms.

Now it only loads ‘cliques’. There’s a starting room, and it loads all the rooms directly connected by left/right/up/down links, but not by doors. So doors separate parts of the universe:

@fasterthanlime An important component of vertical navigation within a clique is ladders — finally putting @bigsylvain’s climb animation to good use:

@fasterthanlime As for the movement of the player, I’ve done a few other imperceptible adjustments, but one very visible thing is the new ‘fall from too high’ animation, that stuns the player for a little while:

@fasterthanlime That’s about it for this week: told you it was short! I’m doing February Album Writing Month so that means I’m even more overworked than usual :) Here’s a track I’ve released recently:

@fasterthanlime You can see my other recent tracks on my Soundcloud. A like or a comment goes a long way :) It’s all training for the final Jaakan soundtrack anyway! Until next week, all of you take care & stay awesome.