Context is everything

Our last weekly update discussed some of the tools @bigsylvain has been integrating in his art pipeline.

It was getting a little too interesting, so we’ve decided to tone it down, just so everyone doesn’t get too excited. Instead, let’s have another level editor post!

Omg minimap

Having a minimap is kinda cool.

Having a clickable minimap is even cooler.

Also now it shows the links between rooms. Which is really useful as it turns out. Due to the way universes work, rooms might appear next to each other on the minimap but not be actually connected.

The minimap is just a level editor thing, by the way. For the player it’s all mental mapping - but with good design one can still hope for excellent navigability.

Omg contextual menus

There’s so much stuff we want to add to the level editor, sometimes we run out of places where to put buttons. That’s why GodXerox Park invented contextual menus.

Omg non-linearity

Ah, since you’ve read all the way through here, let me reward you with a funny thing. Let’s use a context menu for evil, shown here in the LARGEST GIF EVER MADE for this dev blog.

Of course in the real game we wouldn’t mix environments like that, but that’s why it’s called “a fun test” and not “To whomever it may concern at Devolver”.

But, you know, add a few doors, a few items, a few characters and you get the LD version of Jaakan. Except we’re trying to make it actually enjoyable to play for more than 5 minutes now, so it takes a little bit more design effort!

Omg life

Of course I would like to tell you that there’s more cool environmental stuff, or even something mundane but infinitely useful like “I got copy-paste/undo working in the editor!” but it wasn’t that kind of week.

It was the kind of week where you struggle to find even five little hours to make progress on your own game. Not to say that I’ve been slacking off though. But personal news will have to wait.

Until next week, take care!