It’s Jaakan weekly update time again!

In the latest post, we’ve established that cursing is good for your health and mine. Also, nice dust gifs. So get over there and read it if you haven’t already.

Still there? Good.

Omg art

I’m joined today by @bigsylvain who wants to talk about art and shit. Basically, it took him a shitload of time to do the original hero animation in GIMP. Which is all fun and games until you want to make your shit into something real with lots of characters fucking around and about.

Then for the 29th Ludum Fucking Dare, he did some stuff with his brothers about ants and whatnot and he used Blender to make 3D shit that somehow got exported into flatter 2D shit so that it could be used in some shitty game engine like the one we’re using now.

So basically you summon a mesh and then you start spritzing bones all over it like so:

And then all that skeleton shit starts messing around the mesh pretty bad so we can make the character move his limbs and shit:

And then you make a proper render with the proper camera angle, and you get 2D-ready sprites. Fucking A, mate. We’re in business.

Just in case your human memory fails, here’s what the old one looked like:

And here’s the new, flesh and bones crushed into pixels one:

Now we didn’t just diddle our mouses & keyboards all weekend. We also talked story & gameplay some, but I’m not going to ruin it for you just yet. For now let’s just say we have.. other characters in store.

Here’s a test:

It was pretty fucking quick to get done since, you’ll notice it has the exact same animations as Jaakan himself. Of course that’s subject to change but you get the fucking idea, don’t change the subject.

More editor stuff.

Of course this wouldn’t be a Jaakan weekly update without some boring-ass rants about how our editor is better than sliced bread. And sliced bread is pretty fucking good, so that’s saying something.

I did some thinking, and I figured: tiles and polygons are just fine, dawg, but you know what’s cool? Objects. Objects are the life in every game, they’re the trees blowing in the wind, they’re the sounds you only hear in a particular area, they’re the other things that move around and get in your way and shit.

So, behold, objects:


Now pay no attention to the fact that it says ‘Ladder’. Do pay attention to the fact that there’s a sweet-ass text shadow that makes it readable no matter the background. Also I’m bad at picking colors. Sue me.

So, what’s changed in that editor of ours? First off, dialogs and buttons and outlines of all kinds of shit are using a thing called NinePatches. They work like this:

See if you don’t have ninepatches you get the ugly-ass stuff on the right. If you do, as we do now, then you get the ugly-ass stuff on the left. But it’s only ugly because I still suck at designing ninepatches correctly.

Let’s see, what else.. ah yeah. Some of dem dialogs in the level editor? They’re modal. It means whenever they’re on, you can’t click on any other kind of shit. But it wasn’t obvious before because it was just a tiny sorry-ass dialog in the middle of all your shit.

Well now it’s kind of hard to miss:

Now let’s get to object edition. First off you’ve got your magic wand so you can spawn anything you like. As aforementioned, mostly ladders for now. Magic, invisible ladders.

Then you can move shit around:

And even make rectangular selections and do all sorts of shit at once to MULTIPLE objects what a truly wonderful time to live in. Did I mention you can also resize shit? Shit yeah sister.

Now I’m fresh outta gifs for this week, but don’t let despair sneak up behind you and sink you because we’ll be right back next week with another bunch of the illest and thrillest.

In the meanest of times, feel free to buy it in early access so we can keep making it. But don’t feel like you have to, cause, you know, there’s lots out there to play. You get the idea.

See y’all next week o/