Sound engine hero

This week, a very special feature:

A technical blog post as read by a non-technical person.

Interviewer: Sup?

@fasterthanlime Music.

Background music?

@fasterthanlime No, gameplay music.

Is hard?

@fasterthanlime No, but computers suck.

Which part?

@fasterthanlime SDL2_mixer.

@bigsylvain But I thought that part not suck?

@fasterthanlime Suck wrong way then.

Explain please?

@fasterthanlime How long song? Don’t know. Where in song? Don’t know!

@bigsylvain Ah, yes, suck.

@fasterthanlime Also, only one song at time.

@bigsylvain Suck indeed!

@bigsylvain What do?

@fasterthanlime Me rewrite

@bartwerf What with?

@fasterthanlime libvorbis and OpenAL

@bigsylvain OpenGL make sound?

@bartwerf No, he said OpenAL make sound.

@fasterthanlime Technically…

@bigsylvain Don’t care.

@bartwerf Demo?

@fasterthanlime Demo.

@bigsylvain Who voice?

@fasterthanlime Speedenza!

@moonscript What do with new sound motor?

@fasterthanlime Not guitar hero

@rockleesmile Not?

@fasterthanlime Okay maybe a little

@bigsylvain Like that?

@fasterthanlime Meh.

@bigsylvain Like that?

@fasterthanlime Why not.

@dalemon42 How you fret songs?

@fasterthanlime Me make own editor

@bigsylvain No existing editor?

@fasterthanlime Me make own editor

@bigsylvain Have tested at least?

@fasterthanlime Yesssssss I have

@dalemon42 Demo?

@madebybeta Demo?

@adag_dot_me Demo?

@fasterthanlime Nemo?

@bigsylvain Demo.

@geckojsc RPG!

@bigsylvain No, guitar hero.

@fasterthanlime No guitar hero!

@moshboy How to play?

@fasterthanlime Choose direction, hit yellow button

@northernlionlp Which button yellow?

@fasterthanlime Z keyboard or Square gamepad

@totalbiscuit Can change button?

@fasterthanlime Is code, can always change.

@nicolas_goy How put in level editor?

@fasterthanlime That easy.

@f0lis Birthday demo?

@bigsylvain Demooooooooo

@barackobama Not bad.

@fasterthanlime Thanks.

@bigsylvain Next week!