Lestac becomes Jaakan

Hey all! We’ve got three announcements.

Name change

First off, as you might’ve noticed, Lestac is no longer named Lestac. Originally, we used that name for the original Ludum Dare entry because we always spent way too long trying to figure out a good name.

So, we took the first thing we stumbled upon, which was… a bottle of French red wine, Baron de Lestac. The problem? Baron de Lestac is a trademarked name. And as the game design evolved, it became less and less relevant.

The new name, Jaakan, is a Hebrew name, straight from the Bible. Its etymology is fuzzy, but the meaning revolves around:

  • He who twists, wrests (physically)
  • Being cunning/crafty (in a more metaphorical sense)

That doesn’t mean the game will suddenly take place in ancient Egypt, or be History-based, but it’s always interesting to take inspiration from different sources!

All of our URLs and social media accounts have been updated:

Early Access on hold

That might be seen as a strange move, but as of now, Jaakan is no longer available in ‘Early Access’. Which means that if you pre-order it on itch.io, you won’t get anything until it’s ready.

The reason behind that is that the builds available for download were very old (a refined version of the Ludum Dare entry), and do not reflect the quality we’re shooting for, at all.

At some point, we considered Jaakan a living game, that would get regular additions, and that could work in an Early Access model, with the world and story being expanded gradually.

However, we’ve come to the conclusion that the game would be better presented as a coherent whole. It’ll get fixes & refinements, perhaps expansions and sequels in the future, but we want the first part to be released complete.

Note: those who have already purchased the game will not need to purchase it again, even with the name changes and whatnot. It’s safe in your itch.io account.

Bi-weekly updates

Since January 2015, we’ve been shelling out weekly updates like there’s no tomorrow - but recently, it has become a bit more technical, tackling subjects like level storage, optimized tile engines, etc.

It has also taken a significant toll on us to post updates that frequently with a team of only two. As the game is nearing (slowly but surely) completion, we want dial down the amount of chatter, and concentrate more on the game itself.

From now on, we’ll only be posting updates every two weeks (and not twice per week! English is silly), but hopefully they’ll be more on the game itself and not on the tech. We can always make a sizeable Making Of / Behind the Scenes when the game is out.

Thanks for supporting us so far!